Our Tribology Testing Machines

Lewis Research offers a variety of tribometers - both for sale and testing in our laboratory - to our clients. Each machine is built for its own specific purpose and use, and we’re always ready to assist you by customizing equipment or test programs to meet your specific tribological needs. Two of our primary machines remain the LRI-1a Automated Tribometer and LRI-b High Load Automated Tribometer.

The LRI-1a is a computer-controlled and real-time monitored thrust bearing (ASTM D-3702) and pin on disc tribometer. It utilizes a computer-controlled DC servo-drive and has numerous optional capabilities including oscillating motion (in addition to rotation), computer-controlled automatic dead weight loading system, and digital acoustic emission characterization and monitoring.

This machine is a mechanically redesigned and strengthened version of the popular LRI-1a, thrust bearing/pin-on-disc wear tester, which allows applied loads to 1,500 lb. The system incorporates a low-backlash helical gearbox to provide the torque needed for the higher load tests. The reduction ratio is specified by the client. A wide range of interchangeable gearboxes can be easily switched in the field to allow several different torque/speed ranges. The tribometer is run by the same software as the LRI-1a which means the software is proven reliable and versatile having incorporated improvements requested by current owners. The LRI-1b was born out of customer requests for a higher load capacity machine to simulate high-pressure end-use applications.