Applications tested on our LRI thrust bearing/pin-on-disc tribometers

  • Characterizing friction of windshield wiper blades oscillating on glass with water.
  • Wear tests of artificial human joint materials in saline solutions and bovine serum.
  • Noise associated with aluminum cans sliding on alternate conveyor materials.
  • Erosion of metal components in sand/water slurry
  • Duplication of bus transmission thrust bearing failure and evaluation of alternate solutions.
  • Wear evaluation of alternate conveyor belt support materials.
  • Automated PV limit tests of plastic materials with computer-controlled load or speed steps.
  • Post failure analysis of non-lubricated compressor piston ring failures.
  • Wear characteristics and life of thin-film coatings.
  • Wear/galling tests of hard coatings at applied loads to 25,000 lb.
  • Effect of additives in jet fuel on wear of pump components.
  • Effect of gas environment on wear of non-lubricated plastic-metal pairs - including natural gas and nitrogen compared with air.
  • Comparative life of sprayed dry film lubricant applications.
  • Effect of transfer wear layer on wear of acetals.