LRI-1b High Load Automated Tribometer

  • Computer controlled and monitored.
  • DC servo-motor provides 40 in-lb torque at speeds up to 2,000 (±1) rpm.
  • Range of optional low-backlash helical gear box reduction ratios to 200:1.
  • Runs rotational and oscillatory tests.
  • Dead weight loading from 1.0 to 1,500 (±0.2) lb manually or by automatic loading system - does not require adjustment or recalibration to handle entire range.
  • Monitors and records speed, wear, friction, temperature and (optionally) acoustic emissions.
  • Graphing routine allows analysis during test and comparison with previous tests.
  • All data stored in ASCII format for easy use in commercial presentation packages.
  • Optional single specimen multiple test sequences with automatic loading and speed adjustment.
  • Optional baffled lubricant chamber and lubricant system allows wetted or dry elevated temperature testing.

Technical Data:


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